99999 (five nines). 

When changing a listing to Closed status if non-member Broker ID of 99999 is entered, check the “Buyers Broker is not a member of MRED” field and a non-Member office ID of 99999 will automatically appear.  

Use “99995” for the Buyers Broker when reporting listings as closed if there is no cooperating Broker. 

Here are the step by step directions: 

  1. Go to your Listings/Transactions 
  2. Click the Edit Pencil next to your listing 
  3. Select Edit Listing Status/Price 
  4. Next to Change Status To: select Contingent/Pending 
  5. Enter the Contract Date 
  6. Select the Contingency Flag 
  7. Next to Buyer Broker ID, enter 99999 – you do not want to use the lookup tool - then press tab to see a box that states "Check here to confirm that the Buyer Broker is not a member of MRED" Check the box. 
  8. Fill out the Continue to Show field and anything else applicable, and press Save.