MRED data delivery community,

We will no longer be sending RETS feeds beginning July 15th. Because of this, you must switch to MLS Grid to continue receiving MRED's data feed.

MRED is making the change because MLS Grid uses a single data source, has standardized data agreements and adheres to the Real Estate Standards Organization guidelines to eliminate technical, licensing and enforcement redundancies.

You can register for an MLS Grid vendor account here. The links below will guide you through the registration and licensing process.

  • Vendor Access - this outlines the steps to register your account, start your data subscription, and invite your broker or agent customer to sign the data license agreement.
  • Broker/Agent License Request - this assists your broker or agent customer in reviewing and accepting the terms and conditions of the data license agreement online through MLS Grid.
  • Click here to view more guides that will assist you in the MLS Grid process.

If at any point you feel something is missing from your MLS Grid feed, don't hesitate to reach out and we'll be happy to take care of the issue. Questions? Email for help.