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connectMLS Private Listing Update known issues

Items that are currently being addressed:

  • Editing a search in Classic will give an error message if the features field is added and/or the advanced options being turned on. The features field can be removed if you want to stay in classic.
  • Can't sort by Agents/Clients in My Listings/Transactions
  • Can’t sort by price, address, etc. for the client favorites on mobile
  • The agent legal name displays on the client site instead of the nickname

These items previously reported have been resolved:

  • No last logged in column for client’s on mobile
  • An agent went from PLN to closed with some of the standard fields missing
  • Private Listing statuses appearing under tour/open house search and CMA’s
  • On mobile device, can't see client's messages when clicking on unread client messages from homepage
  • Invalid fields added for Standard and Private search: Rent Search Price
  • Cooperative Compensation field is allowing values without % or $ signs for Vacant Land property type
  • When searching for Private statuses sorting by status does not work
  • Loaded Saved Searches with private status do not display the Key icons
  • Auto search notification emails not being sent for Agents with lots of “Other Offices Managed” in their business card
  • List Broker Name is blank on custom reports
  • Update the Status Date when the Can this Listing Be Shared with Clients goes from No/blank -> Yes
  • Activation alert for a canceled PL listing
  • Classic search doesn’t let you search by bedroom for Private listings, you can search using the bedrooms field
  • Contingency Flags not displayed on reports for PRIV-CTG listings
  • If you're using Map Results in classic search you have to manually pull the bar over to see those listings in the thumbnail view.
  • Classic Thumbnail report shows HTML when they have virtual tours
  • Previously Private Listings should not show Original List Price
  • Listing Market Time being inherited from Private Listings
  • Listing Market Time being inherited from Private Listings
  • Supplemental Photo report not displaying photos for Private Listings
  • Not being able to see the Standard listing preview when transitioning a Private listing
  • Errors about the expiration date when it is already filled in
  • Advanced Print not working for Private Listings under My Listings/Transactions
  • Private & Non-Private listings mixed under NEW listings in Market Activity
  • Buyer Broker related fields not working for Hotsheet when using PRIV statuses
  • Errors if the street suffix is none
  • The Realtor Only filter on Client Interests isn’t displaying Off Market listings
  • Add to Filters for Pre-defined boundary search not working for Private Listings
  • The Realtor Only filter on Client Interests isn’t displaying Off Market listings
  • Add to Filters for Pre-defined boundary search not working for Private Listings
  • Actions on Client Favorites not working (Print, Driving Directions, etc.)
  • Can’t add listings to driving directions when you select properties
  • Inconsistent mapping of recently added listings - if you have listings that were missing due to this issue please edit your search, choose find all matches, click on save changes.
  • Duplicate draft listing warnings for a listing that was Private and is transitioning to Standard
  • Listings activating when a future list dates was entered
  • Receiving an Oops page while entering a previously saved CMA
  • Errors when using the address fields for searches including Private listings
  • The ability to add/edit comments in client favorites missing
  • Receiving an Oops page while doing a Quick Search
  • Listing Input Errors due to hidden fields while transitioning a Private Listing to Standard
  • The SmartBar not remembering history
  • Slowness issue while running a map search or
  • Slowness while editing a listing
  • Slowness using the Market Conditions Addendum
  • Slowness in Classic Search
  • MRED Staff cannot reactivate PRIV-CANC or PRIV-EXP listings. (Note: This is available under standard Listings -> Edit Listings Status/Price or under Additional Info after performing a search. It is not under Edit Fields for Admins)
  • Ability to download Drafts from RETS has been reinstated

Updated 5/21/2021

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